Baigents Pty Ltd is unique as a consulting engineering organisation in that since inception, the company has consistently shop detailed structural steelwork. Initially this involved structural steelwork designed in-house, but as the company has grown, the shop detailing of steelwork and precast panels has expanded such that work is now performed for a large number of fabricators, contractors and process engineers not only in Victoria, but around Australia.

Baigents Pty Ltd takes pride in the fact that the personnel of the company know of the importance of shop detail drawings. We understand that the prime purpose of shop detail drawings is to give complete and explicit information to the fabricator and their personel on the workshop floor. We are concerned with preparing workshop drawings that fully consider the fabrication processes and it is our aim to provide the most efficient detailing whilst still ensuring the engineering requirements are satisfied.

In order to ensure that these aims are achieved, we have an experienced team of senior shop detailers who have worked with fabricators and who are able to pass their experience on to our entire team. This team also has the back up of a highly qualified group of engineers who have extensive experience in structural steelwork and precast concrete. Overall constructability and erectability of steelwork and precast panels in particular is an important company philosophy in our workshop detailing.

We have developed our own in-house training manual to ensure that a consistency of presentation for all our drawings is achieved. This manual is updated to incorporate the latest developments in design practice and workshop procedures.

We have an active policy of training draftspersons for the future of the profession. New trainees are inducted on a regular basis and they undergo a rigorous training programme under the direct supervision of one of our senior team leaders.