The advantages of Baigents Pty Ltd structural engineering design and steelwork shop detailing are summarized below:

  • Design and detailing of a structure can proceed in parallel.
  • Baigents Pty Ltd can prepare workshop detail drawings directly from the engineering computations, using Marking Plans to show the overall extent of the structure and minimal structural details.
  • Significant time savings are achieved because the workshop detailing can begin prior to the finalisation of construction issue engineering drawings.
  • One organisation is responsible for the entire preparation of documentation. The possibility of detailing problems is significantly reduced.
  • Changes in the engineering design are easily and quickly incorporated into the workshop detail drawings. The interface between separate engineering and detailing organisations is eliminated.
  • Interaction between our design engineers and our detailers occurs on a regular basis and ensures that the steelwork is constantly reviewed to provide the most cost efficient steelwork in terms of simplification of fabrication and ease of erection.
  • Our clients achieve cheaper prices for the steelwork when the fabricator is presented with clear shop drawings showing accurate tonnages.
  • A number of fabricators can be used to expedite the fabrication work.