Yallourn Power Station


Latrobe Valley, VIC

CLIENT: Yallourn Energy

VALUE: $55 Million

Yallourn Power Station

The existing brown coal mining operation delivers coal direct to the Yallourn Power Station. The Yallourn Power Station is an integral part of the power generation industry in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria, Australia. Baigents Pty Ltd was engaged as the Design Manager of a team of experts who carried out a major design review of the existing coal handling system from Mine Face to Raw Coal Bunker and the determination of a 100% Coal Supply Reliability statement. The review works involved the assessment of the existing mechanical plant and equipment, the electrical controls, power reticulation systems, plus the fire services and fire protection systems.

The major proposal reviewed by Baigents was the change from a three conveyor stream system to a two stream conveyor system with the associated significant savings in operation and maintenance costs. A computer simulation process modelling software package was utilised and run for an equivalent 30-year period to prove the coal supply reliability of the proposed new coal handling concepts.

By adopting a philosophy of maintenance review and upgrade rather than an immediate injection of capital, acceptable cash flows and capital costs were determined by Baigents for Yallourn Energy, all within the $55 million 10 year budget.

The final Coal Supply Reliability report has become the base criteria for the future development at the Yallourn Energy mine.