Mt. Isa, QLD

CLIENT: Outotec(Australasia) Pty Ltd

VALUE: $30 Million


The Isasmelt process was developed by MIM and CSIRO and this $75 million plant was the first of its type in the world. Baigents Pty. Ltd. were involved in a $30 million component of the plant. The work was carried out for two large German process firms, one specialising in boiler technology and the other in waste gas cleaning. Our work included the structural and civil design of the following:-

Waste heat boiler vertical shaft and horizontal tube bundle support structures.
Waste gas cleaning facilities including bag houses, ductwork, duct support structures and fan bases.
Elevated clean gas duct main and support structures from the plant to the main stack, a distance of approximately 200m.
Steam pipe and associated gantries and support structures from the plant to the Mines Power Station. The pipeline transversed over or through 6 process buildings and was approximately 450m long.
Upgrade of the Mines Power Station, including support structures for the superheater, steam drum and numerous other plant and equipment.

MIM requested that the plant be built in the shortest possible construction period. Careful consideration and planning was required for the construction stage because of the restricted site access, the availability of large cranes, and for the phased erection of the plant to allow for the delivery of large mechanical plant from around Australia and from overseas. We were also involved in the construction supervision of various sections of the plant. At times this supervision was carried out on a 24 hour per day basis.