Hismelt Plant


Kwinana, WA

CLIENT: Lurgi (Australasia) Pty Ltd

VALUE: $400 million

Hismelt Plant

The HiSmelt Plant at Kwinana is a significant step in the development of new generation technology for the world shipping steel making industry. It is a one step direct iron smeltering process where preheated iron ore fines from the plant's Cirulating Fluid Bed (CFB) are fed into the HiSmelt plant's Smelt Reduction Vessel (SRV). This ore preheating using the HiSmelt SRV off-gases as a fuel, is the vital step in the process of converting the fines to high quality pig iron in one operation.

Baigents Pty Ltd designed the Preheater and Lockhopper structures, interconnecting conveyor structures and the foundations for Outokumpu-Lurgi Technology who supplied the A$50 million Circulating Fluid Bed technology for the project.

Details of the Preheater and Lockhopper structures are as follows:

  • Plant Capacity 188 tonnes/hr
  • Preheated Ore Temperature 680 deg. C
  • Plant Height: - Preheater 72 metres
  • Structural Steel Tonnage 950 tonnes
  • Ducts/Vessels Tonnage 750 tonnes
  • Refractory Tonnage 900 tonnes
  • Foundation System 1000mm thick raft