Hazelwood Power Station


Latrobe Valley, VIC

CLIENT: ABB Alstom Power

VALUE: $80 Million

Hazelwood Power Station

The amount of power generated by a power station is proportional to the quantities of coal burnt, but the more coal that is burnt in the boilers the greater the dust emissions. The Hazelwood Power Station has embarked on a programme to improve electricity production, raising the overall generating capacity of the power station from 1600 MWatts to 1760 MWatts, while at the same time reducing the gas emissions. To achieve this they have contracted the services of ABB Alstom Power and are currently replacing all the existing electrostatic precipitators in each of the eight generating units.

Baigents Pty Ltd assisted Astom Power with the structural and civil design and prepared shop detail drawings for the precipitators, ducting and access walkways.

The time allowed for the precipitator replacement with a unit turned off is very short. The precipitators were fully assembled with internals and insulation adjacent each unit. When the outage occurred the small existing precipitators were removed and the new precipitators moved into place using bolt on carrier beams.

The contract value for the replacement of each set of precipitators is averaging approximately $10 million for each unit.