Gladstone Grain Terminal


Gladstone, SA

CLIENT: Keppel Prince Engineering Pty Ltd

VALUE: $10 Million (Approx)

Gladstone Grain Terminal

The upgrade and expansion at the country terminal involved the design and detailing of two 400 tph delivery conveyors which transported grain from existing bulk storage sheds. The conveyors deliver grain to the bucket elevator, which fills either of two rail out-loading bins. The new works also interfaced with the existing site facilities. A travelling tripper on one conveyor allowed for the in-loading to the sheds or direct out-loading to the rail bins.

Baigents being the structural and mechanical engineers undertook the innovative detail design and shop detailing of the conveyors and bins. The concept developed allowed efficient shop fabrication and then quick erection on the remote South Australian site.

The conveyors, total length 620 metres, and the elevator, 33 metres high, handle grain at 400 tph. Each rail bin holds a minimum of 1000 tonnes of grain.