Biodiesel Plant Darwin


Darwin, NT

CLIENT: Lurgi Pacific Pty Ltd

VALUE: $60 Million (Approx)

Biodiesel Plant Darwin

The global demand for biodiesel has grown in recent years with higher oil prices and concerns for global warming. To meet this demand Natural Fuel Ltd. commissioned Lurgi Pacific to design, document and supply a 140 million litre biodiesel plant in Darwin. The biodiesel is manufactured from palm oil.

To reduce the site labour requirements on site in Darwin, it was decided to construct this Biodiesel Plant as a module, complete with all process equipment and structure. The module was fabricated and assembled at Kwinana W.A. and transported by ship to Darwin. From the port, it was transported by road on multi-axle trailers and hydraulically lowered onto its pedestals.

Baigents were contracted by Lurgi Pacific to assist the design team by providing structural design, a 3D Tekla model compatible with our client's PDS process model and documentation, including shop detail drawings for the plant module.

Baigents also designed and shop detailed approximately 150 metres of multilevel pipe rack and pipe bridges, to integrate the plant module with tankage and other equipment completing the process.