Chadstone Shopping Center

Chadstone Shopping

Chadstone, VIC

CLIENT: Colonial First State Property Management

VALUE: Over $300 Million

Chadstone Shopping Center Chadstone Shopping Center

For many years Baigents Pty. Ltd. have been involved with the master plan redevelopment of Chadstone Shopping Centre. Substantial modifications to the existing retail area and extensions have occurred as part of the master plan. These include two multi-level department stores, numerous multi-level carparks and an extension of the existing two level specialty shop mall.

Baigents have been responsible for the design, documentation and site supervision of the structural services and in many cases provided a shop detailing service for the steelwork.

The redevelopment of Chadstone Shopping Centre has involved varied construction methods. Some of these include, post-tensioned floor systems, composite steelwork, reinforced concrete floor systems, soldier piles and infill concrete tie back wall systems, soil nail retaining walls, and complex curved steelwork roof structures.

The retail development has provided many engineering challenges, these include developing new strengthening techniques for the existing post-tensioned beams and using finite element analysis to assess complicated barrel vaulted roof structures.

One of the main priorities for the project team was to design an economical concrete carpark structure which maximised the number of available parking spaces. This was achieved by using large span post-tensioned band beams and slabs.

All stages of the Chadstone Shopping Centre master plan have been completed on time with a minimum of disruption to the operation of the centre and minimum inconvenience to the tenants.