PROJECT: The Age Print Centre Tullamarine, VIC

Baigents Pty Ltd were awarded the AISC Victorian Steel Larger Projects Detailer's Award 2002 for excellence in the preparation of shop detail drawings for structural steelwork. Baigents Pty Ltd were also awarded the AISC Victorian Premier Larger Project Steel Construction Award Victoria 2002 for a project which show castes the use of structural steelwork.

The acknowledged architectural excellence of The Age Print Centre would not have been achieved without steel shop detailing excellence of the highest level. Baigents Pty Ltd detailed over 700 tonnes of steelwork on the project. This work included the main press hall, the post press hall, reception area and the main canopy structures.

A measure of Baigents shop detailing success was demonstrated by the fact that the steelwork, with all its complexity, fitted together perfectly on site.

Comprising around 20 tonne of steelwork, Baigents Pty Ltd completed shop detailing of the steelwork in early 2002 with the fabrication completed in 2003.