Baigents Engineers and Shop Detailers
Baigents operates a networked PC based computer system for the design and documentation of each project.

  • We have a permanent connection to the internet, and all our staff have their own email addresses. Hardware is kept up to date through our PC replacement program. Our licensing and maintenance agreements with software suppliers ensures we continually obtain the latest software updates.

    Engineering Software

    Efficient and effective engineering design can be fundamentally enhanced by using the latest engineering programs. We have a series of software packages for three dimensional structural and finite element analysis, for the purpose of designing steel, reinforced concrete, post tensioned and composite structures. Software programs include the following:

    RAPT - Reinforced & Post Tensioned Concrete
    ETABS - Structured Analysis
    STRAND 7 - Finite Element Analysis
    MICROSTRAN - Structural Analysis
    LIMSTEEL - Structural Design to AS4100
    SLABS—Suspended Reinforced Concrete and Raft Slabs
    12d - Civil Engineering Terrain Modelling Software

    Baigents has also developed many in house software and spreadsheet programs.

    Drafting Software

    All our drafting is performed using the most recent releases of AutoCAD. Baigents has also a series of ‘Add-on’ packages, such as StrucPlus for structural engineering documentation, increasing the capacity, speed and quality of our documentation.

    Baigents steelwork shop detailing is performed using latest releases of PROSTEEL and TEKLA 3D modelling packages.